The BSA is also a wonderful startups incubator. We incentivize students and collaborators to build as much value as they can.
The derivatives layer for DeFi yield :
Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue.
Get the best out of DeFi in one place :
Swap any token from any chain, generate yield, leverage your assets and simply access the best protocols.
Digital agency for Web3 design and development:
Get a website or DeFi webApp which suits your needs and goals, using top tier UI/UX and smart contracts integration.
Turn NFTs into financial assets :
Honey Labs pioneers liquidity solutions for NFTs, and allows you to access DeFi through your NFTs.
All-in-one Crypto social Environment :
Social media, messaging app, and wallet for crypto enthusiasts.
Acquire cryptocurrencies anywhere with ease :
With Crypties you can acquire crypto easily nearly anywhere with more than 800 points of sales in Switzerland.