Blockchain for Materials Science and Engineering

Blockchain has many direct applications for materials science and engineering industries. Materials science and engineering are key areas that deliver the products and infrastructure that people use and love all around the world. Here are the problems that currently plague the materials science and engineering space, and how to overcome these issues using blockchain.

Problems the industry is facing


Protecting intellectual property is highly important for material scientists and engineers. With the dawn of 3D printing, it’s easier than ever to develop prototypes. Recording the materials, processes and procedures that went into creating something is absolutely key for materials scientists and engineers to protect from intellectual property theft.

Supply Chain Management

It is often difficult to ensure materials are not tampered with in the production and sourcing process. Materials that are the highest quality can often be jeopardized.

Verification of Spare Parts

The quality of parts is essential to a successful project. For engineers, verifying the integrity of these parts is absolutely essential. Without blockchain, this can be difficult.

Solution: Blockchain Technology

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Registry of

Registry of Products

A blockchain can provide a registry of products that scientists and engineers develop from start to finish. Blockchain can provide digital product memory, which includes the entire history of a product. This can include materials used in production or ownership of a product.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Transparency

It’s possible to create a digital certificate for each resource used by a scientist and engineer from start to finish using blockchain. Origination, high quality and traceability are all ensured using blockchain technology.


Full Traceability

Full Traceability

Keeping track of all materials and supplies can be difficult. Full traceability is ensured with blockchain.

Advantages that Blockchain can Provide

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High Assurance

High Assurance Sourcing

Blockchain’s applications for supply chain can ensure high assurance for materials and chemicals needed for materials scientists and engineers. Digital passports uploaded onto the blockchain make this a reality.

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Quality Documentation

Within materials science and engineering fields, keeping a track of quality is necessary from beginning to end. This means recording product characteristics and more can be added to the blockchain.




Auditing is a normal part of materials science and engineering. Auditing can be difficult when data is distributed. Blockchain can be a single source of truth

by Gauthier Vila