Tokenization could easily transform any assets into a digital tradable form but..�have you ever heard of it?
Do you know what is a token?
Do you know which types of tokens there are?
👉 Adrien Treccani from METACO and Dominique Goy from WECAN TOKENIZE will be with us on the 28th of April at 6 P.M
They are going to explain all the process of tokenisation in-depth and why it is a revolution 💡 for every investor or investment system.
A Q&A session will happen after the session and you will be able to ask your questions in live!
Share to those who would be interested 🙂
See you there!

April 28 @ 21:30
21:30 — 23:00 (1h 30′)

Blockchain Student Association EPFL

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